Welcome to Be Luminous Counseling, the private practice of Jennifer Leigh Anderson, MA, LPCI, CDWF-C, located in wonderful Portland, Oregon.  You can call me Jen.  

I believe that we all have the ability to be whole and complete within ourselves.  As we find this wholeness, our inner light shines outward and we are more present, clear and engaged with the world.  But sometimes we feel stuck in patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving us.  It can be difficult to get out of the habit of these patterns, which can leave us feeling fragmented and disengaged, and our inner light becomes dimmed. I believe that therapy can be a helpful tool in dealing with, and eventually changing these unwanted patterns. My theory of change is that it first begins with awareness.  This awareness then leads to subtle shifts in our reactions, which help to form new patterns of thoughts and behaviors.  I help clients create this lasting change in their lives by using an eclectic approach, with a strong focus on Mindfulness.  I am skilled at holding a space of loving compassion, curiosity and humor in sessions with my clients. 

My tagline, "make of yourself a light", was part of Buddha's last speech to his disciples.  I believe it is our duty to find our own inner light and let it shine outward, so that others may do the same.  

Be Clear. Be Present. Be Luminous. 

I am currently a Registered Intern (# R3016) with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists and am under the ongoing supervision of Anne-Marie Benjamin, LPC, CHT.